The Selling Shop provides a fully managed sales solution to enable your business to reach the millions upon millions of potential customers available to you through the internet. We manage the entire sales and fulfilment process on your behalf, leaving you to focus on your business.

Retailers can improve sales and gain competitive advantage by providing in-depth and relevant info at the point of decision. sadly, having a team of utterly enlightened sales associates isn’t always a viable possibility. the truth is, stores cannot afford an endless stream of educated sales associates who support customers by providing knowledgeable product info and professional advice. Assisted selling methods are one answer to the present dilemma.

Assisted Selling: A New Way Of Selling

The world of selling has changed forever and currently companies should use info assisted selling to ensure they grow revenues. The convergence of the web and a worse-than-perfect economy are putting double pressure on companies dependent upon sales to seek out out new ways in which to sell their product and services. Whereas discounts appear to be the favourite mode of operation, different companies are actually seeking new ways in which to handle customers so as to effectively impact their bottom line.

With growing numbers accessing the net either for info or the purchase itself, companies that are unable to use data to help them within the sale will find themselves extent. Lets face it, very little new has been offered up to the sales world within the last decade.

Our service can help you by;

  • New Stock: We can create an entirely new channel for your company, managing all online sales of your stock, leaving you to focus on your core business channels.
  • Returned Stock: We achieve excellent sale prices on returned stock. We can take care of the whole process on your behalf, every one of our listings are 100% truthful.
  • Surplus and liquidated assets: Our sales can achieve significantly more compared to traditional methods of reselling of assets, such as job-lots, classifieds and off-line auctions.

Why use The Selling Shop?

By offering the products directly to the end user through one of our various sales platforms, we can attain the highest possible prices as opposed to selling through traditional routes. We analyse all of the prices that we achieve in the marketplace relative to market averages. High levels of feedback, detailed item listings, superb photos and variable shipping options mean that we typically achieve higher than average prices.

Services we offer:

  • Marketing: Items can be sold using one of the many platforms we use.
  • Pricing Strategy: We advise on the best pricing, based on the market and your requirements.
  • Listing: Our panel of specialists will make sure your item is described in detail, encouraging buyers to snap up your item!
  • Photography: Our photographers will take high quality images in our photo studio for every listing.
  • Customer Service: We deal with every step of interaction with buyers on your behalf. You don’t need to worry about responding to emails or answering phones, leave it all to us.
  • Fulfilment: Once your items have sold, we will securely pack them and arrange a delivery using our network of couriers.
  • Payments: We handle all of the processing for individual buyer payments. We pay you regularly, supported by a full statement outlining every individual transaction. We handle all communication between ourselves and the platforms we use to sell.
  • Returns: We will arrange the return of items for you, leaving you free to focus on other aspects.
  • Brand Protection: You can remain completely anonymous throughout the whole transaction if you so choose.

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